Soverin is the honest alternative to 'free' email. Same experience, different principles. Join us and start mailing with your own secure mailbox today.

Secure by default

Built to keep your data safe. Enjoy a private mailbox without eavesdropping. (A+ grade SSL/TLS connection)

Fully featured

Email (imap) and contacts (cardav) simply managed from your Soverin dashboard.


Private Mailbox

  • Virtually unlimited messages
  • 25GB storage
  • Email filters
  • Import old messages

Public Webpage

  • One-minute setup
  • Publish PGP key
  • Profile picture
  • Short bio

Personal Address

  • Choose your domain
  • Unlimited aliases
  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple mailboxes

No data footprint,
no carbon footprint

Powering the digital world requires a lot of electricity.
All our servers run on sustainable energy sources.


The best alternative
to ‘free’ email

Free email
Monthly fee
3 ,25 / month
No advertising
No tracking
No lock in
Personal domain
Private mailbox
EU legal base
Easy to move

Keep using your
favourite email apps

Soverin is app independent. You're free to use it with the email apps you prefer.
Rather use webmail? We’ve got you covered.

D tablet phone@2x

On your phone

  • Airmail
  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook
D computer@2x

On your computer

  • Airmail
  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Outlook
D browser@2x

In your browser

  • Roundcube

Some frequently asked questions.

Who are you?

We are internet enthousiasts from Amsterdam. Bringing a fresh perspective into the business of email game. Providing you with an honest alternative to the current standard of data surveillance.

Your thoughts on digital privacy?

Privacy matters. The surveillance society snuck up on us. Companies watch every digital step you take. In the long run this won’t work out for us as web citizens. We want to put you in control of your data.

How can I switch to Soverin?

Switching is easy. It’ll take you about 10 minutes. Just six simple steps and you’re up and running. And we’re always here to help. Sign up for Soverin, inform your contacts and import your mailbox. Done.

What problem do you solve?

‘Free’ email providers sell your secrets to advertisers. But they don’t really share how they make money. They’d rather share what they find in your inbox. Your private messages are scanned for relevant keywords and the data is sold to advertisers.

Why should I pay for email?

Because you’re worth it. Think about what’s in your inbox. It holds the most intimate details of your life, it’s like a database of your life. That personal data deserves to be protected. Data has turned into a valuable asset in our digital world. Used to invisibly steer our lives. Be aware.

Are you anti Google?

No, not really. But we do have some concerns. We believe that people aren’t fully aware of what the ‘free’ model means to them. Nobody reads a privacy statement. Most of your personal communication is monitored. That just doesn’t feel right to us. You need to draw the line somewhere. To share, or not to share. That should always be the question.

Take control
of your inbox
for € 3,25 / month

  • Unlimited Messages
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Personal domain
  • Personal webpage